Friday, 16 March 2012


Better late than never - hopefully!  Time seems to be flying by at the moment - things are busy, busy, busy but quite productive too.  I am making my way through my sewing list fairly well, one or two things have dropped off for now because I, typically, got side-tracked and added some new things to my essential list.
I was so touched by all the lovely kind words and positive vibes after my last, rather grumpy, post.  John's work worries have resolved and he has actually been promoted - I'm very proud of him as things are really competitive at the moment and he will soon be starting the job he has had his eye on for quite a while.  It is such a relief to have all the uncertainty removed and in such a positive way too.

Sleep hasn't resolved itself quite so well although Little Miss Katie Kitty Cat does show signs of sleeping a little more and feeding a little less at night - so fingers crossed I may be rather less forgetful and short tempered in a wee while (I'm trying not to be either but every now and then things give way......I remember getting like this with the others, I think tiredness accumulates but I know it will all pick up again soon).

We spent last weekend at mum and dad's house again.  The weather was lovely and we enjoyed family time -missing out on the usual swimming lessons, mini rugby and music which have crept into our weekends. I had always hoped to keep weekends much more clear but learning to swim seems fairly essential (and hopefully we can get classes on week nights again soon), Angus and Islay love their music and all three bigger children love their mini rugby.  And it is in the blood - my dad and brothers all played for our local club and in fact dad was president for a while and both brothers were captain.  I have a feeling that rugby here in our little part of East Lothian, and the Scottish Borders too, is a bit different from elsewhere in the UK.  It is really a whole town sport - the club and pitches are in the middle of town and boys, and girls, from all backgrounds play.
The children that the boys (I'm guessing Islay will stop at some point, but maybe she won't.  And of course the boys may stop too.) play with are at school with them and they will go on to High School together (and do their, probably, inevitable teenage drinking together too.  But at least it will be mostly at the rugby club under the watchful eye of their friends' parents and parents' friends - a little more reassuring than being let loose elsewhere) and they could all play together for the next twenty years or so depending where and what they do after school of course.  But, if they are like my brothers, they'll find a way to play even after going to university, leaving home and moving away!  And if they move back here later on, like one of my brothers and I have done, some of their friends will still be around to mend their roof, act as their lawyer, teach their children and so on..........and of course their children will go to mini rugby together too!  I guess it could be seen as a bit stifling but I quite like it.
I got rather side-tracked there.  I was planning to tell you about our weekend which didn't involve any mini rugby.  We relaxed at Tyninghame with some lovely walks, lots of fresh air and nothing to plan for except eating and sleeping.  Bliss.
We have had one very sad event in the last few weeks.  We had to have our lovely Kipper put to sleep.  We have always had some concerns about her temperament but to date she had only snapped and attempted to bite in situations that the children wouldn't be likely to put her into.  However when I stood on her paw, accidentally of course, and was bitten we had to take the decision that we couldn't keep her in a house full of children.  I tried to have her re-homed, it was probably just wishful thinking but I wanted to try, but the Welsh Springer rescue felt they couldn't do so safely (the lady I spoke to conincidentally had Kipper's full sister from the same litter and was very shocked.  She commented that she thought she could cut her dog's leg off without her batting an eyelid.  Poor Kipper just unluckily was quick to retaliate if she felt threatened.  Not her fault.).  We're missing her terribly.  I find myself looking for her at unexpected moments.  When I sit down in the evening.  Turning round to call for her when we're walking mum and dad's dog.  The house is very quiet.  I've never not had a dog.
I feel I should know what this plant is but I don't and haven't looked it up yet
Anyway we did have a great time at Tyninghame.

It is beginning to feel like spring might be in the air.  We have some exciting things coming up. And I have some sewing to show next time some of which caused me quite a lot of trouble but is sorted now.  I'll try and be back in a few days time!  In the meantime have a lovely weekend.


greenthumb said...

Hi what a lovely blog you have, it looks like you had a lovely time at your mum and dads. Such pretty photos.

Down by the sea said...

Congratulations on John's promotion so glad things turned out well in the end.
I love your photos of the weekend.
I was so sorry to read about Kipper. We had a cocker spaniel when I was 12, who became violent too and we had to put her down,so I understand what you have gone through.

Julie said...

Greenthumb - thanks for your comment - I'll pop over to see you, sounds like you are into gardening! Juliex

Julie said...

Sarah - Thanks so much, it does help to know that people understand as I do worry that they won't. I have been quite shocked at the number of people who, like you, have had similar experiences. Juliex

Mrs. Micawber said...

What a beautiful family! I've been wondering how all your sewing was coming along - especially the dress for the wedding.

So sorry about your dog. I still dream about the last pet we had, who died years ago. It's just like losing a family member.

P.S. That plant reminds me a bit of lamb's ear.

Julie said...

Sue - I really must get my act together and look it up. It is like lamb's ear in it's texture but it was growing wild near the shore, I don't think it is a garden escape. Juliex

Jen Walshaw said...

When I was little we had to have a dog put down as he went for me and my brother, we were told he had gone to a farm. I have to say the children are all looking rather gorgeous, with lovely smiles!

Julie said...

Jen - we decided just to tell the children exactly what was going to happen, hard as that was very tempting to say something like you were told as a child, much easier! Juliex

Beth said...

Great news on John's job situation and I'm sure a great weight lifted. Your photos are lovely as well, it reminds me I should take more of the family, I'm afraid I find taking photos a bit of a chore and usually leave it to M except for my blog photos (which I also find a chore if I'm honest).

Sorry to read about Kipper, it sounds like it obviously had to happen but I can imagine it was a very difficult decision to make. Beth (the linen cat)x

Julie said...

Beth - I find taking photos for the blog a right old pain - I like taking photos when we're out and about but I really can't get the hang of photos of what I have sewn etc. juliex